Cultural Insights

At IGI we specialise in Small Data.
We look at the reasons why people do what they do.

We think that you have to walk in another person’s shoes to truly understand what they need and what drives them. Empathy is what makes us human and means that we understand, and to some extent, feel someone else’s emotions.

We call this Cultural insight.

With an ever-expanding, dynamic community of people across the African continent, we are able to find people relevant to any product category, interest group or brand who can provide us with deep, insightful information.

Real People, Real Insights

Our Ethnographic Framework

The Company We Keep

Real People

Real Insights

What you get

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning (IGI Consumer Reward Model), Brand Architecture, Segmentation Models, Go-To-Market Strategy.


Documentary styled standalone videos that bring the human stories to life.


We make knowledge and insight manifest in whatever form will be most tangible and memorable for our audience.

Consumer Journey Mapping

Consumer generated video and content.

Physical Spaces

We create consumer galleries and exhibitions that truly bring a brand’s consumer and their immediate context to life.

Advocate Marketing and Word of Mouth

Identification and relationship building with carefully profiled opinion leaders & influencers, leading to natural brand advocacy. Harnessing the power of word-of-mouth; viral marketing and both on and offline ‘buzz’ campaigns.


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