IKEA Installs An Apartment In The Paris Metro

January 12, 2012 / Branding,Creativity,Media & Advertising / No Comments

As competition increases in the market, brands are forced to find new and innovative ways for people to see their products and also to try them out. This try-before-you-buy / product demonstration model has been taken on by IKEA in Paris to great effect. To show consumers how their products can work well in small spaces (the average Parisian apartment is 65 square metres), IKEA installed a 54 square metre apartment in the Paris metro and kitted it out with IKEA products.




The five people living in the apartment will stay there for six days to physically demonstrate to people how IKEA products function and how well they work in smaller spaces. It goes without saying that product demos are an age-old marketing trick (just think of ads for washing powder – Look how white this has made my shirt!), but this is taking product demos to a new level. Coupled with this real-life full-size demo is the word of mouth and buzz this will create as an ambient stunt. For all those bustling Parisians going through the Metro each day, this is an interesting and innovative distraction.




While the people living in there might be on top of each other, IKEA is making sure that consumers are exposed to their products in a new, interesting way. A great, simple idea, cleverly executed in a way that is immediately understandable – awesome stuff!





(All pics via Design Taxi)



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